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Sharpie Mug Gift Idea ^w^

                                     DIY Gift Idea

I know New Year and Chirstmas are over but this idea can be used as gift for any occasion. We see a lot of this Sharpie DIY mugs on Pinteres. They say you just writte/draw on them, bake and you are done. But did you know that Sharpie will actualy wash off in the dishwasher ? Even if you handwash it your masterpiece will probabbly be ruined. Markers or pens you should use are oil based paint pens. Sharpie happens to make this pens too, so i'm sure your local craft store have them in stock.

 Things you need :
2.Oil based paint pens
3.Scrapbook Stickers/unnecessarily/

Step one ^w^
Monogram desing
Take one of your s
crapbook stickers that you like and put it on the mug. Make sure it's in the place you want it to be.

Step two ^w^
Put dots all around sticker. You don't have to do it only in one color.Add as much colors and dots as you want. If you mess up, wipe away with some rubbing alcohol on q-tip.

Step three ^w^

Once you finish with dots and, have desing you want and the desing is dry - carefully peel of the 
crapbook sticker. If you want you can add some finnal touches to the desing.

Step four ^w^

Turn your oven ,after making sure it's well ventilated, to 350, ste your mug inside and let it bake for 30 minutes. After 30 minutes turn of oven and let mug cool down. Better leave it for few hours.

Step five ^w^

After you complete all of steps from above, you can put mug into wrapping bag or paper and give it as gift or you could put your favourite tea in it and enjoy.

                                                                  For Harry Potter Fans ;)
                                                               Little something for our smarties ^v^
Idea for Frozen Fans :D

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