понедељак, 12. јануар 2015.

Workout to get 6-pack :D


I know there are still months before summer, but now is best time to start practice. Lots of people want that 6-pack when they go to the beach or gym. Here i'm going to show you 6 exercises that can help you get your 6-pack.
Exercise 1
While you're on your knees squeeze your glutes and abs and slowly lean back. Do this back and forth motion slowly to really feel a burn.

Exercise 2
Lay flat on your back and shimmy from side to side. Make sure your back is pressed  flat on the ground.

Exercise 3
Lie on your back and raise your legs all the way up. Slowly raise them up and down to work your lower belly area.

Exercise 4
Lie on your back and hold yourself up on your elbows. Do flutter kicks while crossing your feet. 

Exercise 5
Hold a plank position. Keep your stomach tucked under.

Exercise 6
While in a push up position- run your feet up into a tucl position and then back out.  
Enjoy your 6-pack :D 

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    Hello Katarina!
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